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"If Hilary Goes to Rehab, I'll Kill Myself!"

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September 20th, 2008

06:33 pm: Street Style From Other Blogs
What I wouldn't give for this pink braid scarf and this peter pan collar sequined number.

Same girl. An example of how pink and grey should be done.


Face hunter himself.

The sleeves make this coat all worth it.

I would wear both of these outfits.

I need some white tights immediatly. The second picture is such an amazingintegration of Spanish madador elements and even the way she's standing is noble.

Super stylish moms rule.


Black and white perfection.

The hair somehow just works in its messy chicness. The gloves and hat make the look hands down.

I adore the glasses and shoes with this first look.
cuuute. plus I so dig that YSL bag.

whoa fierceness in the house. I wish I was this effortlessly cool!

July 17th, 2008

11:05 pm: Katy Perry: http://www.myspace.com/katyperry

New artist and Zooey Deschanel lookalike, Katy Perry has the #1 song in America called I Kiss A Girl (And I Liked It).

ha the first thing I thought was "Wow, I mean we already knew, but  this says a lot about how much sex sells in America." Also, I wonder how much Perez Hilton had to do with her fast popularity.  I hate to admit it, but I have to hand it to him, he has quite an influence on America and what America might listen to or gossip about. I saw her face all over his page for some time as he declared her the next big thing, but never listened to her until I heard Katy sing the song on a tv show the other day. It dosen't hurt that the song is catchy and a little scandalous..of course it's selling.

(oh yeah, and If you care and/or mind, there is no actual girl kissing in this video, but there is a bunch in the remix video..so watch out..or enjoy. ha whatever floats your boat).

Seriously...Zooey or Katy?

Zooey's style is much more a kin to my own, but I am loving Katys style quite a bit. It's sassy, vintage with lots of flair. It just seems like so much fun. She definitly does not take herself too seriously. I'll have to do a style post on her sometime soon.

July 16th, 2008

11:14 pm: I've been meaning to make this post ever...

since Gweneth Paltrow hired a super amazing stylist and cut her hair.

The shoes in every look are just the perfectly chic cherry on top of a sundae.

May 24th, 2008

02:08 am: Some Great Mens Street Style from Other Blogs
Mr. Face Hunter himself. 2 plaids. 1 very stylish man.

Unique touches can add so much.

Interesting to see a someone wear his turban for a cultural reason, only to make it look like a stylish add to the rest of his emsemble. Turbans have been gaining popularity among the girl on the runway these days, so to see it integrated into fashion without it "being fashionable" makes his look all the more interesting.

Kanye can do no wrong in my book. fashion wise that is.

Classic, Clean, and Elegant with some edge.

I applaude this man. fearless.

Right out of a menswear magazine editorial.

I adore his tiny pink bow tie.

I almost passed this picture up until I saw the ruffles in the shirt.

This man obviously has a SUPERB eye for color.

I love the way he tied his tie.

The combo of pink and grey is a great look. 
The hat adds some edge, but even without it, there is just the right amount of pink to offset the grey.

Now this guy..
This seems almost more of a portrait than a street style picture, but he exudes a Parisian air of cool and the simplicity of his look works for him.

(On a side note, he looks like he might be sort of a douche..but in a really hot way. haha yess..the more I think about it..he looks sort of like a douche-y Zach Condon. haha I don't know what it is about this picture that just totally draw me in. He looks like he would be a total charmer indeed...the kind of guy who, when hes not  seducing women that are into european intellectuals, sits in cafes, and smokes like a chimney while reading books by Sartre....haha I could probably write a whole story inspired by this one picture).

02:04 am: Natalie Portman
is perfection.

01:42 am: The Met Gala
 A little late, these outfits have been all over the fashion blogsphere, but these were my very favorite four looks of the night at the Met gala. Christina Ricci definetly took the superhero theme to heart and made it super glamerous. I'm really not sure how many people could pull off this look. I love the yellow dress and the risk designer Zac Posen took with this blue and bow tie accessorized suit. The last picture is of model, Chanel Iman, who was featured on whowhatwear.com, but most other blogs covering this event seemed to have left this wonderfully daring look out. It's really on the edge of over the top ruffle and just fabulous. I know some people might disagree, but I just love it.


May 6th, 2008

01:09 am: Just Hilarious.

He and Amy Pohler were made for each other.

01:07 am: Tacky or AWESOME?

I vote awesome hands down.

April 12th, 2008

01:32 am: Indie Rock Gossip:
Natalie Portman is dating Devendra Banhart.


April 4th, 2008

05:23 pm: Street Style From Other Blogs
 It's been brought to my attention that the girl whose photo I posted a while back..

is not just a one time photographed fashionista:

If only we could all make it look this effortless.

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